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G4 Edge

The Edge technology is designed with precision in mind. With precision application, New Leader user interface, precision manufacturing and advanced hydraulics, the Edge is equipped to place products when and where the crops need them to be. 


Designed for flexibility and low maintenance, the New Leader® L3030G4 crop nutrient applicator is the ultimate fertilizer and lime spreader. Spread fertilizer rates as low as 50 lbs. to as high as 1,100 lbs. and still achieve effective spread patterns up to 90 feet. You can even spread up to 2 ton rates of ag lime at 12 mph with spread widths up to 60 feet.


The New Leader® L5034G4 is the best built and most versatile compost spreader in the industry. Its superior features allow you to cover more ground in less time - while maintaining an accurate spread pattern - to make your business more profitable than ever.



The New Leader® MultiBin Fertilizer & Micronutrient spreader increases efficiencies and reduces operation and maintenance costs by consistently broadcasting materials from three or four bins, independently or together, for straight and variable rate applications.


Precision Ag Control

Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ system, controlled through the INTEGRA™ or EDGE™ display, offers complete control over application operations. Both full-color, touchscreen displays offer real-time coverage mapping and data logging, in addition to easy installation and operation. DirectCommand’s AutoSwath feature reduces overapplication by automatically turning the applicator on/off. The EDGE display offers the capability for dual-product control, while the INTEGRA display can control application for up to four products and also includes the Smart Report™ feature for easy application reporting.



The New Leader® L2000G4 is your reliable and affordable single-bin spreader for applying high rates of fertilizer and low rates of lime. This combination spreader features laser-cut manufacturing with a 304 stainless steel body and upgraded components for straight, semi-float, and full-float trucks.

L4000G4 MultApplier-Ready

New Leader® L4000G4 is a culmination of the best of the best! The design of the L4000G4 provides modular hydraulic packages to suit your spreading needs, plus the ability to add a second, third or fourth bin at any time with the addition of the MultApplier or MultiBin.



The New Leader® MultApplier allows for independent or simultaneous application of two products at predetermined or variable rates.



The New Leader® L4330G4 MultApplier-Ready crop nutrient applicator is a high capacity fertilizer spreader engineered specifically for the RoGator® chassis. 


Drawn Dry Box Spreaders

Drawn Dry Box Spreaders are designed for commercial applicators that demand high capacity and performance for spreading ag lime and dry fertilizer. The Drawn Dry Box Spreader is a high output, large capacity spreader that uses the tractor for its source of power. It delivers a greater return on asset for customers who utilize their tractors for other field operations including anhydrous ammonia, strip-till, and side dress applications.


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